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Do your shoes make you more confident?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I miss my shoes.

They were my timeless summer go-to pair for the last couple years. When I put them on for the first time this year and took the first step, the right shoe came apart. In a very un-repairable way.

Maybe this sounds a bit goofy, but when I didn’t have them to wear the other day, I was a little sad. And it made me nostalgic about other pairs I miss.

Yellow suede shoes that I outgrew

40’s vintage-inspired wedge sandals

Incredibly versatile mules my dog ate

Thrift store treasures my dog ate

Red patent stilettos that are still in my closet, no longer wearable, but as Marie Kondo taught me, spark too much joy to throw out

My first pair of VANS

When I was wondering out loud about why we miss our shoes, a friend simply said, “Because of how they made us feel.” Yes! Marilyn had it right.

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world.”

One of the strategies I’ve always used to achieve more of what I want in my life and career, and now teach my clients, is to recall the emotional state from previous successes and apply those thoughts and feelings to the new thing you’re chasing after. When you imagine what you want with vividness and emotional depth, you set in motion automatic brain processes to make it happen.

You become more aware.

Your sensitivity to the resources that will help you get results is more acute.

You’re more resilient.

Your mindset is your most powerful asset in creating the life you want. But admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to conjure up a positive mindset. It’s not the natural way our minds want to function and let’s face it, life can throw a lot of challenges at us.

Another helpful thing to do is to act as if you’ve already achieved the result you want. Live out your answer to the question, “What would I do if I was the [leader, manager, business owner]…” in your attitude, choices and behavior.

So this idea about how shoes make us feel has gotten me thinking.

We’ve heard about actors “becoming” the character when they pick up a prop or put on the costume. So why shouldn’t we use shoes to support our mindset and behavior?

When you wear shoes that make you feel good, you change your emotional state. Your positive emotional state drives change.

The reality you seek now has a physical hook. You just “put on” the person you want to be. Every time you wear those shoes and experience that good state, you’re supporting new thought patterns.

You shore up your feelings of self-assurance. And literally, walk with confidence towards achieving your goal and personal potential.

The next time you do a job interview, make a presentation or want that extra bit of confidence to face the day, put pep in your step and belief in your mind by wearing a great pair of shoes!

What pair of shoes do you miss?

How did you feel when you wore them? Do tell :)

How you show up makes all the difference. It's in our minds. Whether it's a pair of shoes or something else you wear, if it reminds you of success and builds your confidence, I'm all about it.

If you find that you need help developing thought habits that help you be your best, that's where I come in. I help my clients uncover their workplace strengths so they can confidently pursue and achieve what they want out of work.

Is it a crazy idea to hire a life coach if it eliminates trial and error and accelerates your progress?

Contact me today at

Much love, #strategicelissa

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