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You can be like these clients who discovered their value and landed great new jobs with a resume, job search strategy and interview skills that effectively marketed their awesomeness!

Image by Micah Boswell

Elissa has the ability to understand immediately where you need to focus on improvements in order to land the job of your dreams. She’s intuitive and knowledgeable-these skills allow her to specifically tailor a plan for your needs. It’s not a “one fixes all” approach.


She will talk you through what to expect, how to respond, and she’s able to instill confidence that you’d forgotten you had or you’d never felt before. All these things lead to success. Not just in your career journey but in your life journey. I highly recommend Elissa to anyone needing or wanting life/career coaching. She immediately feels like a lifelong friend and her ability at connecting with you surpasses most people.


Every interaction I’ve had with Elissa has been solution oriented and based upon those interactions I’ve been able to find success in that specific area we were working on. It’s been a pleasure working with Elissa and I’m better for knowing her!


You can not go wrong choosing Elissa as your coach! You have my written guarantee! Thank you Elissa for making such a difference in my life and career journey! 

-- Pam DeSanto

I was in transition and I was unsure of myself. Elissa helped me get my mind back on the right track. Her ProScan was insightful and helpful in reframing perceived weaknesses into strengths. If I am lucky, I will count her as a friend, too. -- Luisa F Velez MA, MLS (ASCP)cm, LATG (AALAS)

I met Elissa on LinkedIn when I was searching for professionals who provide personal coaching and help with LinkedIn profiles including resume overhaul. She used her gifts to mentor, train, and guide me while still letting me make my own decisions. While I learned, she was there every step of the way, encouraging and advising which felt like you were talking with a friend you have known for a long time. I literally had an interview about 12 hours after connecting with her and she simply went well beyond my expectations setting up a meeting two hours before to help prepare me for a headquarters interview. I felt comfortable exposing my weakness while gaining confidence during the development of my professional resume and brand.


I believe my resume and LinkedIn profile now stands out to potential employers. As a matter of fact, two weeks after completing I was hired! I contacted Elissa when the offer came in and we celebrated together. I ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone that needs help with their resume, LinkedIn profile or career advice. She is extremely talented and has all the tools and tricks to take your personal journey from coaching to resumes and surpass your expectations.


Elissa is a ROCKSTAR! I really can’t say enough about her and all she has done for me personally. I hope you seek her out, she has so many connections and wisdom you’ll be in the best hands possible!


Sincerely, Kaleb Nielsen (ASP, CHST, STS) CAMS Safety & Risk Advisor

Image by Sophie Louisnard

Elissa was instrumental in my job search during the pandemic. Her methodologies were very impactful and comprehensive. I consulted with several coaches, all of whom were helpful; but Elissa had the greatest impact. She helped me to identify my strengths and how to mobilize those strengths. She coached me through salary negotiations and interviewing. Her teachings resonate within me daily. I highly recommend Elissa to all job seekers. I look forward to a continued professional relationship with her. She is worth her weight in gold. 5 🌟 -- Rochelle T.

I worked with Elissa and used her expertise and services when I was ready to look for a new position. I was working full time and needed help and direction with job search, resume and LinkedIn optimization/revision and overall assistance getting ready for interviews. She is an amazing person to work with. She is knowledgeable and professional. Tools and methods she uses are very effective. She doesn’t waste time and unlike many in her profession that focus more on soul searching, she works with you in a very productive and effective way. I highly recommend her. With her help I was able to get myself ready quickly to look for new opportunities and get a job that I’m really happy with.  -- Elhaum M.

Image by Sophie Louisnard

Elissa has the unique ability to know just when to bolster your sense of personal empowerment and confidence throughout a new career search. I found her to be instrumental in assisting me to successfully and confidently bring out the best possible version of myself. Her interview tips and expert assistance in crafting a skills based resume was critical in finding a job that aligned with my skills and experience. I highly recommend Elissa!  -- Terri Glaberson

Elissa was the best Career Strategy Coach anyone could ask for. She gave me ample challenge to better myself and my next job and challenge me to find a job where I will be happy. She taught me skills where when I was getting a job interview it was my time to interview them as much as they were learning about me. Elissa always had confidence in my ability when I didn't and believed in my skills that I would find the right position.


I can now say everything Elissa taught me has helped me find an excellent position. I really feel if it wasn't for her coaching and experience on navigating a new position I wouldn't have found such a great position. Trust in Elissa because you won't go wrong as she will guide you to success. From a complete stranger to a friend for LIFE I am beyond thankful for her. Thank you Elissa!!  -- Todd Brayne

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