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An Online Platform to Elevate Your Success as a Middle Manager

Learn to be a leader your team follows (and your boss trusts) through on-demand courses, member webinars, and private coaching. 

Leading from the middle is hard. 

The Strategic Leadership Lab™ is the program for

middle managers who want to stop feeling overwhelmed and

master the balancing act of keeping everybody happy.

  • Burnout and no work life balance
  • Employees who don't care
  • Not being listened to or valued
  • Absolutely dread tomorrow - every day
  • Accountability with none of the authority
  • Managing in a toxic workplace

Is this you right now?

Be a Trusted, Influential Leader in Your Company

Build and Lead a 
High Performing Team

Control Your Destiny
No Matter What

Get help with your biggest management challenges.

Leading in a toxic work environment full of conflict and negativity.

Managing unmotivated team members.

Juggling heavy workloads, stress and more to do than time to do it.

Handling disagreements, conflicts and difficult personalities.

Having the trust of your team and being valued by upper management.

Hi, there! I'm Elissa Shuck.


I've put my 30+ years of experience leading from the middle into a program that is filled with simple, easy to understand and implement strategies that always work. 

We'll tackle your challenges together. You'll have a partner and support structure. Your leadership skills will go to another level so when you have an opportunity to make a difference, seize it and do your best.


Imagine your team effortlessly achieving their goals and you looking like a hero...


  • team members that do their job well and always have your back

  • a boss that values your opinions and ideas (and acts on them)

  • staying connected to your people so you can advocate for them

  • managing interpersonal conflicts and influencing with ease

Master the balancing act of keeping your employees happy and upper management happy...
So you can be happy, too

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